Subject: The Prince and the Show-girls
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri June 11, 1999 at 12:14AM

The Prince and the Show-girls

Topping the birthdays today is the Duke of Edinburgh
Whose even temperament has aways been thorough
A man who deserves the utmost respect
Even though outspoken - never suspect

And the show-girls include some from all fields
Including Tara Kapinski - whose skates are high-yield
And Linda Evangelista - who looks so good in pics
A classy model, who seems to know a few tricks

And Jeanne Tripplehorn and Elisabeth Shue
Both fine actresses, and both of them can do
And then there's Shirelle Shirley Alston
And rock musician Emma Anderson

And then there is two more veteran actresses ...
June Haver and Alexandra Stewart in birthday dress
And the rest today are all men with their special day
Like Author Maurice Sendak and actor Gardner McKay

Columnist Nat Hentoff and Commentator Jeff Greenfield
Who thinks he has the best job in the universe - what a deal!
Altough it must be fun on the days when it's intellectually rewarding
As some media discussion can be when folks are not hoarding ...

And then there are some other fine actors having cake
Including Lionel Jeffries, who always creates side-aches
From laughing so hard at the silliness
But the lightness of his work is the best

And Jurgen Prochnow - the partner in the English Patient
Andrew Stevens ... primarily a television actor, mainly ...
And actor Doug McKeon and Jimmy Chamberlin ...
Of the rock group known as Smashing Pumpkins

All of them sharing a birthday on this day
And all of them proud in their own way
For each has provided something unique
And so, best wishes are returned - this week

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11:45pm Thurs. June 10th, 1999