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From: anonymous
Date: Fri June 11, 1999 at 12:02AM

Thirty-Six from Thirty-Six to Sixty-Three

On this day in nineteen hundred twenty-two
A child was born who would grow up too soon
A performer in a vaudeville act with her two sisters
The Gumms never quite caught on, or got richer

So when the oldest of the three decided to marry
The youngest one - Frances, certainly didn't tarry
At thirteen, she auditioned personally for MGM's Louis B. Mayer
Who signed her to a contract without a screen test ... just a prayer

And so began the career of one Judy Garland
The girl who had the whole world in her hands ...
And would then make thirty films over the next thirteen years
Before the work-load would drive her to pills, booze and tears ...

And the last half-dozen films Judy Garland made
Were spread out over thirteen years amidst tirades
Even though she won acclaim and nominations for two
It was never enough to keep her away from the blues ...

And so, at just forty-seven, she sunk into a final abyss
A life tortured by unhappiness, and much distress
With four failed marriages behind her and a fifth in pain
I guess she felt she just couldn't go through it all again

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:10pm Thurs. June 10th, 1999

Highlights of Judy Garland's career:

1936 - Every Sunday (debut, first of 30))
1939 - The Wizard of Oz (honorary Oscar))
1948 - Easter Parade (with Fred Astaire)
1950 - Summer Stock (last of thirty in a row))
1954 - A Star is Born (Oscar nominated)
1961 - Judgement a Nuremberg (nom. Supporting)
1963 - I Could Go On Singing (final film)

Born - Frances Gumm, June 10th, 1922
Died - Judy Garland, June 22nd, 1969