Subject: The Sound of Fog
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon June 7, 1999 at 9:15AM

The Sound of Fog

A couple of days ago, a man left us ...
... A fine singer, and composer, he was
Having written The Christmas Song*
But his musical style - didn't belong ...

To one specific category or another
Although he often recorded covers ...
Attempting to create a "box" for himself
So folks would know upon which shelf

They could find the music of Mel Torme
But there really was - no real easy way ...
For he tried to do it all ... every style ...
And, somehow, he missed, by miles ...

For Sinatra and Lawrence and Crosby
All had their crooner labels, jointly ...
But Torme didn't quite fit that mold ...
For his music never was that bold ...

And Ella Fitzgerald led the jazz pack
Which Torme fell into, but not stacked
And so, as long as he straddled the line
Folks had trouble placing him in time

So when he died on Saturday at seventy-three
I moved around, talking to as many as I could see ...
Mentioning his name, clear about who he was
(Since I've been a fan, and never had any pause)

But nobody I spoke with, knew the name
Which made me realize how elusive is fame
For even though, The Velvet Fog - was reknown ...
In certain circles ... the man was - underground !!!

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
6:47am Monday, June 7th, 1999

* Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Other Music recorded by Mel Torme

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It Might as Well Be Spring
Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Mountain Greenery
You're Driving Me Crazy
Lament to Love
Too Darn Hot
Just in Time
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Coming' Home, Baby

Books by Mel Torme

The Other Side of the Rainbow (1970)
Wynner (1978)
It Wasn't All Velvet (1988)

Quote By Mel Torme

"I do not believe there's such a thing as a jazz singer.
Every pop singer is influenced a little by jazz, because
it's our native folk art. But labeling someone a jazz,
rather than a pop singer, is only a matter of degree of influence."