Subject: The Sherman Thanks
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat June 5, 1999 at 5:08PM

The Sherman Thanks

On this day in eighteen hundred eighty-four
The old wardog was quoted forevermore:
If nominated, I will not accept ... if elected, I will not serve
The Sherman - thanks, but no thanks - showed some verve

But it also clearly showed the other side of the man
Who plundered and pillaged the South according to plan
And through it all, decided war was hell
And, the way he fought it ... it left a smell

As he marched with sixty-thousand hand-picked
From Atlanta to Savannah, destroying every niche
Cutting off all potential retreats for Robert E. Lee
Circumventing the Civil War, and claiming victory ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
3:55pm Sat. June 5th, 1999

Highpoints in the career of William Tecumseh Sherman:

1859 President of the Military College in Alexandria, LA ...
which came to be Louisiana State University

1861 Joined the Union Army
1862 made Brigadier General after the 1st Battle of Bull Run
1862 promoted to Major General of the Volunteer Army after the Battle of Shiloh
1863 fought alongside Grant and achieved the capture of Vicksburg
1863 given command of the Army of Tennessee and fought at the Battle of Chattanooga
1864 made Supreme Commander of the Armies in the West
1864 waged the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain (Union losses - 2500, Confederates - 800)
1865 Sherman's March to the Sea ... Atlanta to Savannah
1866 made Lieutenant General in the Regular Army
1868 promoted to Full General and given command of the entire US Army

1875 published his Memoirs