Subject: Eight Was Enough
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat June 5, 1999 at 4:59PM

Eight Was Enough

On this day in nineteen hundred and sixty eight
Jack's younger brother, Bobby - met the same fate ...
In a hail of gunfire, the former Attorney General fell
With bullets lodged in his brain and neck, far too well

Even though surgeons fought for the man's life
They could not bring him back with their knives
For twenty hours they all tried
But Bobby just could not survive

Eight bullets were fired on that day
Each of them found targets arrayed
Three found their way into Kennedy alone
The other five all found other target zones

Including campaign workers and some media folks
And a couple of young supporters also took ...
Hits from those twenty-two caliber slugs
All in all - six were felled by the thug(s)

For, although Sirhan's gun held only eight
Bullets riddled the walls and ceiling grates
A baffling mystery unsolved to this very day
How it was possible, when none went astray ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
3:27pm Sat. June 5th, 1999

The other five parties hit:

1) Paul Schrade, 43, RFK Campaigner (hit in head)
2) Wm. Weisel, 30, ABC Unit Manager (hit in abdomen)
4) Ira Goldstein, 19, Continental News Service
4) Elizabeth Evans, 43
5) Irwin Stoll, 17