Subject: The Beginning of the End
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri June 4, 1999 at 11:50PM

The Beginning of the End

On this date in sixteen hundred and forty seven
A king was seized by his own army for treason
And after imprisonment and a trial in the courts
Two years later, his life would come to nought

Charles the First had a twenty-four year reign
During which time he inflamed again and again
Suspending Parliament, then calling it back ...
Then sacking it again, when they fell off his track

And when there was no longer any money ...
He created income by taxing ship ports - funny!
Then after war between Roundheads and Cavaliers
The King finally surrendered to his Scottish peers

Who delivered him back to the British Parliament
On this very date, but he then made his escapement
Seeking refuge on the Isle of Wight in the Channel
Until the Rump Parliament convened, Independents all ...

And he was sentenced to death as an enemy of the People
Bringing about protests from many directions, all in all
Including Scotland, France and the Netherlands ...
But the protests were unheeded, and so the axeman

Would sever the King's head from the rest of his body
And then Cromwell would be elevated, after prodding)
To be Lord General of the British Commonwealth ...
And then - Lord Protector, till his decline in health ...

A position Oliver's son, Richard, would then inherit
But it was something for which the man had no merit
And so, two years later, Charles the Second would be
Instituted upon the throne, and was not made to flee

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:45pm Fri. June 4th, 1999