Subject: Eddie and the TruceR
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 3, 1999 at 6:33PM

Eddie and the TruceR

On this very date in nineteen hundred thirty seven
An event transpired (the reason for an abdication)
As the former King of Great Britain tied the knot
With Wallis Warfield Simpson - a Royal ... not

At a castle in Monts, France - in a small ceremony
Sealing the wonder of their combined inner harmony
Which transcended the importance of a Royal oath
Undertaken over a year earlier, when Eddie spoke

To the people of a nation dealing with larger issues
... Two million unemployed, and the rise of Fascism
Under which German annexations were taking place
As the Press at large dealt with this lack of grace ...

Forcing Eddie's hand, making him give up the throne
Thence, having to abandon the place he called home
All to satisfy his desire to marry the woman he loved
Fulfilling aspirations, not even the throne was above

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
5:15pm Thurs. June 3rd, 1999

Edward VIII (eldest son of King George V)
born June 23rd, 1894
Ascended throne January 20th, 1936
Abdicated on December 10th, 1936
Married Wallis Warfield Simpson June 3rd, 1937

George VI (second son of King George V)
born December 14th, 1895
Took over the Reins from Eddie - Dec. 10th, 1936
Died February 6th, 1952

Elizabeth II (eldest daughter of George VI)
born April 21st, 1926
Ascended throne February 6th, 1952)
Coronated June 2nd, 1953