Subject: The Man Behind The Lost Cause
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 3, 1999 at 6:31PM

The Man Behind the Lost Cause

On this day in eighteen hundred and eight
A man was born who'd become a head of state
Actually, initially - eleven, and then four more
Becoming President, within a land torn by war

Starting out his political life as a Congressman
Jefferson Davis resigned to fight the Mexicans
Then, after being wounded, he'd be a Senator
Representing Mississippi for one term, then later

He was appointed Secretary of War by Pierce
After which - the Senate - for another four years
Until President Lincoln took over the Oval Office
Then - his life would take on a different promise

For, although he was an advocate for state's rights
He was not an abolitionist, and put up a good fight
Influencing Pierce to sign the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Which he saw as the way to lessen friction, but in fact

It only served to heighten it, for Kansans were divided
About their right to keep slaves, and thus to be provided
With the vital instrument of popular sovereignty ...
Antagonized everybody who lived in states free

So that line created multiple calls for secession
Which Davis opposed, with some discretion ...
But when Mississippi chose to be the first ...
Davis resigned his Senate seat, undeterred

He'd then be elected by Confederate Congress
President of the seceded states - eleven, at best
With seat of power in Montgomery, Alabama ...
Changed to Richmond, after the unfolded drama

At Fort Sumter, on April twelfth of that year ...
When Confederate artillery first got into gear
Stifling attempts at resupplying the base ...
Which caused Lincoln to do an about-face

For, until then, both Presidents desired peace
But that drama caused hostilities to be increased
Unfolding the events over the next years (four)
Which'd come to be known as The Civil War

At the end of which, Davis would be arrested
And imprisoned, charged with treason, attested
To, by his willingness to preside over the states
Which seceded, thus - attempting to create ...

A united body - but alien to the true core ...
Of this new country founded on freedom for ...
All its citizens, regardless of color or creed ...
Which was abhorrent to Davis - another breed

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
4:30pm Thurs. June 3rd, 1999

The Confederate States

Pre-Lincoln Inauguration (March 4th, 1861)

The Lower South

South Carolina
Mississippi (Davis's state)
Alabama (Montgomery - first Conf. cap.)

Post-Ft. Sumter (April 12th, 1861)

The Upper South

Virginia (Richmond - relocated Conf. cap)
North Carolina