Subject: That Royal Rain
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed June 2, 1999 at 3:56PM

That Royal Rain

As millions watched on that rainy day
After the formal crowning in the Abbey
Elizabeth the Second rode thru streets
In a golden coach under the rain sheet

Drawn by eight gray steeds of the realm
Followed by dignitaries who were at the helm
Of places like Tonga, Brunei, Zanzibar
Kelantan, Perak, Johore, Lehej and afar

Heads of State from Australia and New Zealand
From South Africa, India and Pakistan (the real 'un)
Surrounded by troops of the Commonwealth
And Police from the Solomon Islands also jelled

Pakistanis wearing their bright green head dresses
Canadian Mounties all attired in their red tunics attested
To the far-reaching extent of the British Empire ...
Representatives of so many nations had come so far

All to honor the coronation of their latest Queen ...
The daughter of George the Sixth - she had been
Married to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
Himself a descendant of Queen Victoria and a Battenburg

And with their two children (at the time) impatiently tagging
Prince Charles and Princess Anne - both tots then - lagging
For they saw not then the enormity of that serene occasion
When their own mother became the Queen of the British Nations

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
1:15pm Wed., June 2nd, 1999

The Queen's Coronation: June 2nd 1953