Subject: The Breaker and The Bobby-Soxer
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues June 1, 1999 at 11:48AM

The Breaker and The Bobby-Soxer

Topping the birthdays today are two faves
Edward Woodward - whose career was saved
By an incredible performance in Bruce Beresford's Breaker Morant
Netting him the series - The Equalizer - which was quite an event

For it's one of those which had enough of a following
To be brought back, after lower ratings caused its burrowing
But, even though it had a subsequent outing ...
Those who loved it, couldn't keep up the shouting

And so, Woodward has returned to the film scene
But his roles have been sporadic, and not at all clean
But, never-the-less, he's been making them since sixty-four
When he was in Becket, with an all-star cast - a film adored

And then there's Pat Boone, who also shares this birthday
The man for whom milk is a daily ingestion, and it pays
Perhaps, best known for his recording career ...
But he's also authored some things for younger ears

And he also wrote the lyrics for the theme from Exodus
Collaborating with Ernest Gold - the composer "next to us"
As well as having made fifteen films in fifteen years ...
from fifty-seven's April Love - for Shirley Jones' cheer

All the way thru to seventy-two's The Cross and the Switchblade
In which Pat plays a minister, on a New York street-gang crusade
Not a film that's been very well received
Although its moralistic tone's achieved ...

And then there are a few others whose special day it is
Some other actors, and a few singers who've pleased
Including Alanis Morrissette, and Graham Russell of Air Supply
And the Stones' Ron Wood, who's now central to their musical high

Actors Andy Griffith, Brian Cox and Richard Erdman
Pat Corley, Rene Auberjonois and Morgan Freeman
Jonathan Pryce, Brian Cox, Peter Masterson and too - Powers Boothe
(The only man to accept an Emmy the year they were all long in the tooth)

Actresses Gemma Craven and Lisa Hartman Black
(Who did a little Country singing before Clint's attract)
And opera singer Frederica von Stade
And a few others who've also got it made

Ronnie Dunn, and Richard Comeaux
The Cure's Simon Gallup also shows
Alan Wilder and Jason Donovan also
So many folks - all having cake to go!

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:57am Tuesday, June 1st, 1999

The Breaker (Edward Woodward) - 69 today
The Bobby-Soxer (Pat Boone) - 65 today

Other Birthdays:

Richard Erdman's 74th
Andy Griffith's 73rd
Pat Corley's 69th
Peter Masterson's 65th
Morgan Freeman's 62nd
Rene Auberjonois' 59th
Frederica von Stade's 54th
Brian Cox's 53rd
Jonathan Pryce's 52nd
Powers Boothe's 50th
Gemma Craven's 49th
Graham Russell's 49th
Ronnie Dunn's 46th
Lisa Hartman Black's 43rd
Alan Wilder's 40th
Simon Gallup's 39th
Richard Comeaux's 38th
Jason Donovan's 31st
Alanis Morrissette's 25th