Subject: The Other Muppet
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues May 25, 1999 at 9:46PM

The Other Muppet

Heading the birthday list today ...
Is every child's friend - who played
... Miss Piggy to Jim Henson's frog
And so very many others - Frank Oz

Along with Hal David, who wrote lyrics
For some of Burt Bacharach's music
And espionage thriller novelist Ludlum
Who keeps us enthralled and not glum

And Beverly Sills ... top opera singer
(The lady never needed to wing it)
And a former White House press-man
Now at retirement age - Ron Nessen

It's also a birthday for a few actresses
Dixie Carter, Leslie Uggams ... blessed
... Also with a voice to use to sing as well
But out of the limelight now for a spell

Then there's also Jeanne Crain ...
State Fair's lead ... in the main ...
And there's also cute Karen Valentine
Who lit up the center square for a time

Patti D'Arbanville and Connie Sellecca
Whose PS, I Love You didn't make it ...
But that's okay, cuz she's got John Tesh
Who's done concert tours since ET's test

And then there's a couple of country folk
Who'll be opening cards and cutting cake
One's Jessi Colter, the other Tom T. Hall
Both have answered Nashville's call ...

Then there's a pair of rock musicians
Paul Weller ... Klause Meine (Scorpion)
And then the two best known of the lot
Actor Ian McKellan and Mike Myers (hot)

We wish them all a very happy birthday
And many, many more to come their way
And we look forward to their next thing
With infusion of joy, for all they did bring

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
9:20pm Tues. May 25th, 1999


Hal David's 78th
Jeanne Crain's 74th
Robert Ludlum's 72nd
Beverly Sills' 70th
Ron Nessen's 65th
Tom T. Hall's 63rd
Dixie Carter's 60th
Jessi Colter's 56th
Leslie Uggams' 56th
Frank Oz's 55th
Karen Valentine's 52nd
Klaus Meine's 51st
Patti D'Arbanville's 48th
Connie Sellecca's 44th
Paul Weller's 41st
Mike Myer's 36th

Anne Heche's 30th
Jamie Kennedy's 29th