Subject: Beginning of the Reign
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon May 24, 1999 at 8:32PM

The Beginning of the Reign

On this day in eighteen hundred and nineteen
Was born a child who would come to be Queen
Not only of England but the entire British Empire ...
(It would be a sixty-three year reign till she expired)

Outlasting all of the other British monarchs ...
(Including George the Third, who sparked ...
The American Revolution, with his heavy hand
Causing the Colonies to expand the New Land)

During Victoria's reign ... there would be ...
Within the nineteenth century - a normalcy
For her stability and the infusion of her offspring
Into so many other dynasties ... settled things ...

For each of her nine children would enter marriage
During the evolution from days of horse and carriage
Interconnecting many countries all over the world
Creating a certain stabilization as they unfurled ...

Her first son Edward, wed the Danish King's daughter
One of his wed the King of Norway - who caught her
Her second son, Alfred, wed Tsar Alexander's girl
And one of theirs married Rumania's King, as well

Her third son, Arthur, wed Princess Louise of Prussia
Prince Leopold, wed Princess Helena (rushed her)
Uniting with the German principality of Waldteck ...
(One of several which gained a similar respect)

Princess Victoria married Germany's Emperor
Their son was Wilhelm II, who became Kaiser
And their daughter married the King of Greece
Establishing ties to greatly extend the family trees

Princess Alice married the Duke of Hesse-Darnstadt
A daughter of theirs wed Nicholas II, the Czar marked
... For they were killed during the Russian Revolution
(The end of that particular leg of Victorian evolution)

One of Alice's granddaughters wed Sweden's King
Lord Mountbatten was a grandson of that mating ...
Queen Elizabeth's consort, the Duke of Edinburgh
Is one of Alice's great grandsons and Charles's father

Princess Helena wed Prince Christion of Schleswig-Holstein
Yet another German principality (so many there were at that time)
Princess Beatrice married Prince Henry of Battenburg
Their girl wed Alfonso Thirteenth - the last Spanish
king to be heard

Princess Louise married the Duke of Argyll ...
(The only one of the nine to mate Brit style)
And, of course - four of her direct descendants ascended the throne
Including her son, grandson, and two great grandsons honed ...

One of whom would stand aside after a year
Allowing his younger brother to be King clear
And his eldest daughter would then, of course, become Queen
Other than Victoria, the most remarkable one there's ever been ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
7:25pm Monday, May 24th, 1999