Subject: The Volley of the Roles
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat May 22, 1999 at 7:15PM

The Volley of the Roles

Birthdays today for actors, singers, composers
Peter Nero and Bernie Taupin are the closest ...
In the latter ability ... for they both deal with music
But whilst the first does notes, the other proves it

By writing lyrics ... mostly for singer Elton John
Who then puts the piano notes where they belong
Whilst Nero focuses more on the overall composition
They both do it well ... having great musical intuition

Then there are the singers, led by Charles Aznavour
Who does romantic ballads which appeal evermore
And birthday candles will also be blown out today
By Judith Crist ... who's never been too shy to say

What she thinks of performances by the others ...
Folks such as the following actors who cover ...
The gamut from comedy through to serious drama
One of whom has also directed films (without armor)

Richard Benjamin ... the versatile actor and director
Michael Sarrazin ... who still looks as young as ever
Michael Constantine, Frank Converse, Paul Winfield
And Barbara Parkins, one of whose films did deal ...

With the prescription drugs which seem to pervade
Evoked in a story by Jacqueline Suzanne which made
A great deal of money for her and her publisher ...
And then also the film producers who pushed her

To allow them to film the story and star Parkins ...
As well as Sharon Tate ... who'd become marked in
The slayings carried out by the maniacal followers
Of a fellow named Manson ... (no soul's hollower)

Anyway ... The Valley of the Dolls was well-received
Even though - at that time - it was hard to believe ...
But then ... so were the slayings ... a horrible crime
Even tho thirty years ago ... an unforgotten time ....

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
6:27pm Sat. May 22nd, 1999