Subject: Share and Share Alike
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs May 20, 1999 at 4:58PM

Share and Share Alike

Top of the birthday roster today is Cher
She, who likes to have her midriff bare
Then would be the Mad Dog Joe Cocker
Who's ruff growl, even seemed proper ...

Then, there's a few actors on the list too
James McEachin and Anthony Zerbe, who ...
Has done quite a bit through the years ...
Including regular tv roles (always near)

And Dave Thomas - who really defies classification
But is one of the funniest guys from the Canadian nation
Having done stand-up, movies and tv
One of those to've come from Second City

Then there's Ron Reagan and Bronchon Pinchot
One from a sitcom, and the other gave Talk a go
After trying his hand at ballet, and then documentary intros
The ex-President's son is still looking for the right show ...

Anyway ... all of them here are sharing a birthday today
So it's only fitting to wish them well and lots of rays ...
Regardless of the field they're in or have tried ...
Each one of them made an inroad, and that's no lie!

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
4:40pm Thurs. May 20th, 1999