Subject: Who's On Top?
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed May 19, 1999 at 11:20AM

Who's on Top?

PBS, because they have Jim Lehrer
Whose birthday will never be nearer
Along with these other personalities
Who also share the "cake" festivity

David Hartman ... actor, tv interviewer
James Fox, actor, singer Mike Newbury
Nora Ephron - author and director
Nancy Kwan ... actress, attractive

Grace Jones ... actress, model, singer
Steven Ford ... tv documentary-bringer
David Helfgott ... a concert pianist ...
And a few rockers also on the list ...

Phil Rudd from Australia's AC/DC
Dusty Hill ... one from the Top (ZZ)
Joey Ramone ... of the brothers' band
Peter Townshend - guitarist on demand

The latter being the brain behind The Who ...
The first ever Punk Rock band who made it thru
And who also wrote Tommy - the first rock opera
Contributing a new phrase to music with his stanzas

Making Tommy a standout both in film and on stage
For Townshend's rock style finally became of age
Establishing the creation of a magical event ...
Which many bands then attempted to extend ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:40am May 19th, 1999


Jim Lehrer's 65th
David Hartman's 64th
James Fox's 60th
Nancy Kwan's 60th
Mickey Newbury's 59th
Nora Ephron's 58th
Peter Townshend's 54th
David Helfgott's 54th
Phil Rudd's 53rd
Dusty Hill's 50th
Grace Jones' 47th
Joey Ramone's 47th
Steven Ford's 43rd