Subject: End of An Era
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed May 19, 1999 at 11:17AM

End of An Era

On this day in nineteen ninety four
Jackie Kennedy went out the door
And an era ended on that very day
For she was the epitome of grace always
After surviving the trauma of sixty-three
When Jack was killed inches from where she
Sat next to him in that convertible limousine
With John Connally and his wife teamed ...
Together, and in the jump seats just in front
When those shots rang out, and two men slumped
One with severe injuries to his head and his back
The other with one bullet which had made its track
Through the governor's back, arm, wrist and into his thigh
The miraculous pristine bullet ... my, how it could fly!
And her husband Jack, at once grasped his throat ...
Where a bullet had left a gaping hole as it choked
And as she reached out to grab Jack's arm
Another bullet shattered his skull - to her alarm
And then she started clambering out of the car over the lid
Either to retrieve part of his skull, or more likely, to be rid
Of that horrible scene of which she was the closest witness
The most terrible business America has ever assessed ...
For it colored perceptions of everyone who saw ...
And created opposing controversies forever more ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:15am Wed. May 19th, 1999