Subject: Trapper John, Dobie and the Pope
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues May 18, 1999 at 8:55PM

Trapper John, Dobie, and The Pope

Birthday candles are being lit this eve
In the homes of a few who are pleased
Including Dobie Gillis (who can now retire)
And Pernell Roberts, who sat around the fire

With his brothers, played by Landon and Blocker
And their Dad ... played by Lorne Greene, proper
As Adam ... he was just a little bit self-conscious
But, in later years ... as Trapper John - success ...

And Robert Morse, who showed us How to Succeed
For which he won a Tony - now that's providing lead!
Perry Como - who showed us a wardrobe of sweaters
(Never could figure out in which one he looked better)

Bill Macy ... who was television hubby to Maude ...
Long after he left the cast of Oh, Calcutta's bawd ...
Reggie Jackson ... a really great Hall-of-Famer ...
And Rick Wakeman, rock's Yes-man of past ages

Along with a sportscaster and some Country folk
As well as one more Baseballer of Hall-of-Fame ilk
But the most important person with a birthday today
Is the Pontiff ... who still looks pretty good (in a way)

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
8:20pm Tuesday, May 18th, 1999

Pope John Paul II's 79th

Perry Como's 87th
Bill Macy's 77th
Jack Whitaker's 75th (sportscaster)
Pernell Roberts' 69th (Bonanza)
Robert Morse's 68th (Broadway)
Dwayne Hickman's 65th (Dobie Gillis)
Brooks Robinson's 62nd (baseball)
Reggie Jackson's 53rd (baseball)
Rick Wakeman's 50th (Yes)

Rodney Dillard's 57th (country)
Joe Bonsall's 51st (country)
George Strait's 47th (country)