Subject: I Keep Forgetting ...
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues Feb 9, 1999 at 12:20PM

I Keep Forgetting ...

Over and over and over again
Many folks ask their questions in refrain
And the answers are like returned
Done so very often ... they burn ...

Especially when it's the same folks
For then you realize we are just yolks
... Quickly being scrambled into one big mixture
Never ever really becoming a fixture ...

Even though the time has quite stood still
Over the two-year span of this thrill ...
Which sometimes sparks you to a blazing fire
And at others - leaves you with so much ire

The fact is ... you've stood the test of time
Staying put ... writing all of your rhymes
As others have come and gone from scene
Even tho - some wonder where you've been

But you've been right here, all the way along
Writing your simple and so merry songs
Sharing them with all those wishing to read
Even though there are times your heart just bleeds

For even though you've done it for two years
They all still ask about your life and fears ...
But it's all right there in front of them entirely
To be had for the read in the time they have free

All it takes is the will ... the earnest desire
To spark the flames, or even - to douse the fire ...
Whichever it does ... at least, I'm betting ...
There will be no more - "I keep forgetting ..."

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
9:30am Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 1999