Subject: Chocolate Roses
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon Feb 8, 1999 at 2:37PM

Chocolate Roses

Some time ago, this man received a rose
Which, at first, seemed to be one of those
Wax artifacts designed to last forever ...
When placed in a vase or left uncovered

But a recent look at the wonder flower
Showed it to be something with power
For the colors of yellow and green had faded
Revealing a chocolate candy (edible-enaided)

Making me realize the coming occasion
Is already answered by this persuasion
For the choice between chocolate and roses
Is covered completely, at least, one supposes

It's a simple answer ... and a simple treat
For it's something you don't really need to eat
Nor do you need place in a vase of water
Just to watch them slowly wilt ... ever-after

In fact, you could just arrange them all in a dish
Placing bouquet on coffee table with a wish ...
Each chocolate rose represents one of your heartstrings ...
Vibrating in harmony with all the love you bring ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11:50am [12:37pm LV]
Monday, Feb. 8th, 1999