Subject: Where Has All the Love Gone?
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat Feb 6, 1999 at 1:28PM

In order to love ... one has to feel

There's nothing else in the deal ...
And, sometimes, we get confused
By other factors we tend to use ...

True love comes from a clear mind
It is not connected by other binds
We love not because we want to get
But because our hearts are fully met

There's a freedom we feel deep down inside
Freedom to give without any need to hide
And when this becomes part of our being ...
Then we truly do have the right way of seeing

Love ... the most wonderful thing in the world
For it creates passion overflowing ... toes curl
And from this root our flowers then bloom ...
For we have all the good and none of the gloom

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
1:05pm Sat. Feb. 6th, 1999