Subject: The King is Dead!
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri Jan 8, 1999 at 6:36PM

The King is Dead

On this day in nineteen hundred and thirty-five
A legend-to-be first took breath and came alive
The baby was one of a pair of male twins ...
But the other didn't make it, and grew wings

To take him to that place high up in the sky
The haven for all those good souls who die
Which his brother also did forty-two years later
Becoming headline news in all of the papers

For, in the meantime - he had become King of Rock
A man handsome enough to make everyone stop
To listen to his voice, his songs, and watch his films
For he had a certain charisma - a virtual magic pill

And he used it, to garner support for all he did ...
The words he sang, the music, the movies and trips
And we all were mesmerized to watch him perform
A sensitive man, who appeared somewhat forlorn

For even though happiness was his from time to time
Many saw through it all - those who shared his climb
And when he died of an overdose in seventy-seven
They saw it coming ... but couldn't stop his trip to heaven

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
5:15pm Friday, Jan. 8th, 1999

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