Subject: Defenders
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs Jan 7, 1999 at 4:21PM


There are some ... and I know they're there
Many have paused, then stopped and stared
They've understood so many of the words
Read attentively, and so they've thus heard

The plaintive wail and the lonesome voice
The cry of a man who's made a choice ...
To steer away from those who do harm ...
(The ones who attack with such alarm ... )

The one who's been unjustly accused ...
So much so ... he's nothing more to lose
And so he stays ... and returns repeatedly
Even though he knows ... more will heatedly

Attack ... for they do not understand ...
Thus ... they will take their great stand
And ... in the process ... it is they who lose
For their own shallowness forces them to choose

Away ... from the brilliance, staring them in the face
Going in other directions they feel have more grace
And the would-be defenders who then rush in ...
Find they're swamped by a tide, so none, can win

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
2:50pm Thursday, Jan. 7th, 1999