Subject: Getting All the "Ons"
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs Jan 7, 1999 at 9:19AM

Getting All the "Ons"

Today is a history-making milestone
For we are impeaching the thrd "on"
Well, actually it's the very first time for real
For those other two times weren't done deals

The first attempt was against Andrew Johns"on"
Back in the immediate post-civil war era shunned
For going against policy in trying to remove a man
Who'd rubbed him the wrong way taking alternate stand

And the second WOULD have been against Dick Nix"on"
Who broke many laws in the process of his re-election ...
And thus would have been impeached without hesitation
But his appointed successor then blessed him with pardon

Now just today we begin the third ... against Bill Clint"on"
Who lied about dilly-dallying with a young female intern
And who now faces charges of perjury and obstsruction
All over a rather indiscreet affair revealed thru publication

Where it will all go now it's reached the Senate is anyone's guess
But, undoubtedly ... there will be quite a few more folks under duress
But now we've reached this stage ... we have to see it on through
And let's just hope ... that nobody else ... will have anything to lose

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
8:38am Thurs. Jan. 7th, 1998