Subject: Appending the "IX"
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon Jan 4, 1999 at 8:21AM

In the medical field, today's an anniversary

For it was in 1885 ... the first appendectomy
The surgery to remove the useless appendage
(It sometimes ruptures and causes hemorrhage)

So a surgery was devised to remove the tube
And the very first one was done on this day, too
Back in the previous century so full of innovations
Like film, electricity, telephone, cars - all in nations

Working with each other to advance new technologies
Many of these could not have been achieved ... oddly
Unless the different folk working on them all had not met
To exchange ideas to advance them and make better bets

So it's good to remember this on this medical anniversary
For sharing is such an important consideration when it's free
As out of this can come other important things in the future
Perhaps, on the same kind of level as those lasting sutures

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
8:08am Monday, Jan. 4th, 1998