Subject: Old Year, New Year
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri Jan 1, 1999 at 2:43PM

Old Year, New Year

Some of the events were tough to take
A few of the deaths, and a few breaks
Some got lost in the shuffle of the cards
A few were curious, even though hard

To follow ... to understand ... to surmise
Why certain scenarios were such a surprise
But now it's all caught up in the file drawers
A year from now, we'll ask what was it all for

For each new year brings with it new models
Each new version makes us tinker and twaddle
We look forward to each new design with delight
For donning the new one makes us feel so bright

We are then caught up so in planned obsolence
At this time of year ... we make ourselves a new presence
And then resolve to make everything in the future alright
But the newness will only last from now to midnight ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
1:10 pm New Year's Day, 1999