Subject: Countdown to Mania
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs Dec 31, 1998 at 2:22PM

Countdown to Mania

Twelve hours from now, the countdown begins
To the ball dropping in New York's Times Square
And many folks who live both outside and within
Will be planning to stand below to watch and stare

As clocks tick off the seconds at the last minute
And one year ends as another unfolds before us
Signifying the start of a new leaf and everything in it
As we capture the moment and be ready to toss

... All of the sadness we've experienced in the past year
All of the heartache ... all of the moments without cheer
For the new year now brings with it a wide open door
Thru which we can pass, to enact things not done before

For this coming year will mark history-making events
Some will remember well, whilst others will relent ...
And some will use it as a launching pad to turn the tide
Which others will coast behind, while some ... just ride

Whatever side of the fence we stand, and in whatever field
We can make strides by employing new utensils to yield
... To further our work, whether it be art, industry or science
(We can expand our horizons, thus gaining new clients)

We can carry out plans sketched on the drawing board of life
We can do whatever we choose to do ... whatever seems right
Remembering this coming year marks the last one of this century
So may everything we do during it ... open wide doors to plenty

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11:59am Thurs. Dec. 31st, 1998