Subject: Re-pixel-ated
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri Dec 18, 1998 at 10:54AM

It was brought to my attention recently in a mail

Screen images larger than the basic don't sail
As certain browsers default to a smaller size
Making all pages larger a downsized surprise

So now there's been a lot of masking done
Covering portions of the screen to make hum
A lesser resolution used by the sensed majority
Even though there's an impression of priority

Afforded by the slightly larger display screen
To which size my web page base has been
But, after considering well the perceived crisis
... Have decided to implement the smaller sizes

Even though the whole idea really quite rankles
From the top of head right down to the ankles
But, never-the-less ... it shall be done in time
To make things ready to be considered prime

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
10:45am Friday, Dec. 18th, 1998