Subject: A Black Lab Pup
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Dec 16, 1998 at 9:08AM

This morning ... came around the corner walking the dog

Saw my new neighbor coming out of house - was all agog ...
For she grasped tightly a leash, at the end ... a black labrador
Who was just about pulling her arm off as they made it out the door

I guess it was a replacement dog for her cute little black Scots terrier ...
Who was such a joy ... so quiet and mild-mannered ... never merrier ...
Than when he got together with mine ... they got along so very well
It's such a shame he's gone now ... finally got the word from her tell ...

I'd suspected he'd left us some time back ... as I'd not seen or heard
Any evidence of his presence ... (no leash hanging by door to gird ...)
Nor had there been those occasional barks when I had passed by ...
I wondered for some time whether he'd given up and taken to the sky

Now I know ... and the tears welled up in the corners of my eyes ...
For, even though I'd suspected it ... well, it was still such a surprise
Apparently it had happened just before Halloween ... she had said
Came home one day ... and just had found him on the floor - dead!

And she had then put off getting another dog for a short while ...
But could not get used to coming home to an empty house - it riled
So when a friend offered her this cute little black labrador pup ...
She jumped at it ... now she's a dog-owner again ... right enough!

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
9am Wed. December 16th, 1998