Subject: Getting Lei-d
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Dec 16, 1998 at 8:42AM

The announcement came this morn one of the dj's was taking off

To a warmer place where he can scuba-dive in calm waters, soft
Whilst folks back here deal with the Christmas shopping blues ...
This guy decides now to go to Hawaii ... where he just can't lose!

A small amount of envy oozes out of my pores ... but it's minor
Compared to the realization I'll be alone - probably at a diner
Where I can share my loneliness with other poor blighters ...
Who also will be sitting there admiring all the tree lights as ...

Thoughts of folks alighting from commercial jets in Honolulu
As grass-skirted Hawaiian beauties throw leis over heads, too
... Drift through my head as I savor some cook's overdone food
Wishing I knew a lady to share it with - a vision so very good ...

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
8:35am Wed. Dec. 16th, 1998