Subject: Defining Alone-ness
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Dec 9, 1998 at 9:07PM

A man is alone when he's totally without another

To talk to ... to be with ... above, or under covers
A state I've been in, essentially, for a dozen years
When a lady walked away, bringing many tears ...

And although there have been some periods since
When it looked as though a princess found her prince
Her coach invariably transformed back into a pumpkin
As her prince's found slipper turned out to be too thin

And the glass shattered once more, as the heel broke
And, once again ... the prince was alone - just a spoke
In the wheel of life ... going gently around and around
Feeling the bumps underneath ... and just a few sounds

As, occasionally ... the phone rings, and a few words ...
Are spoken into the ear of a man who's just never heard
Whose only means to connect with the rest of the world ...
Is to write simple poetry ... and in this way, loneliness unfurls

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
9pm Wed. December 9th, 1998