Subject: The Puritannical Heart
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Dec 9, 1998 at 8:47PM

A country with a delicate core

Puritannical ... need I say more?
Will attempt to reconcile all it sees
And will consider well the deeds

Charges of perjury, obstruction, abuse
So many elements now on the loose
Leading to only the third time since
A new country came to be - in print

First they tried it with old Andrew Johnson ...
When he made an attempt to unseat Stanton
Then they made yet another after Watergate
(No doubt would've gotten Nixon out of state)

But Gerald Ford pardoned the top executive
And so Tricky Dick managed to avoid the missive
Even though his crimes were truly impeachable
But these ... well ... they're just unteachable ...

Lies ... misleading ... both public and legal eagles
All over definitions of indulged sexual credos ...
Whether an intercourse really takes place ...
When touch is limited to a certain space ...

Silliness ... both with respect to the act ...
And to lie about it to try and maintain tact
Both are elements which should not have occurred
At least ... certainly not by a President, and then heard

But then to commit perjury and thus to obstruct justice
Perhaps is just as awful as having done it, plus there's
Now evidence of abuse of power to destroy a young girl
To make it seem she was a tramp and crazy as well ...

This is the crime the Puritannical heart ...
Will now consider as it makes a start ...
On assessing the man they elected to run
A great nation - who's now under the gun

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
8:45pm Wed. Dec. 9th, 1998