Subject: The Mirage
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sun Dec 6, 1998 at 6:45PM

A tiny dot on the horizon in the desert

Grows ever larger as eyes measure it
And, as one approaches ... a palm tree
Fills the heart with so very much glee

Assumption is made there'll be moisture
(For nothing grows in sand without water)
And so we hurry towards the apparition
Gathering momentum with no attrition

For the moment is coming, we feel ...
And as the palms wave ... our heels ...
Dig in with greater and greater intent ...
As the oasis we saw, is now slightly bent

And then we come level with the sight
As the moment erodes, and takes flight
For the palm tree existed only in our mind
And the moment recedes, leaving us blind

- Tristram

(c) Christopher W. Thomas
6:45pm Sunday, Dec. 6th, 1998